Hypnoses: A New Way in Quitting Smoking?

For the longest time, the effort to quit smoking has usually involved an assortment of items such as chewing gums and patches to ease the cravings of an individual, or the cessation of smoking has been brought about by quitting ‘cold turkey’. However, there is an assortment of new and exciting methods of quitting smoking that are hitting the smoking population by storm. One of these unique methods of cessation is known as ‘hypnosis’ and is becoming increasingly popular.

What is hypnosis?

Before one even begins thinking about using hypnosis to quit smoking, one must understands what exactly hypnosis is. Hypnosis is basically a very special psychological state of an individual in which they are able to focus on a certain subject without distractions. While many people are under the belief that one under ‘hypnosis’ or one who has become ‘hypnotized’ is asleep; however, this is only the appearance of the individual who is hypnotized. On the outside it may appear as though the individual is asleep with absolutely no awareness of what is going on around them, this is untrue and in fact the individual is completely conscious and has complete awareness. In fact, it is said that hypnotized individuals have an enhanced neurological state and their brain is functioning at a higher capacity.

What are the steps in hypnosis?

At this point you are probably curious as to how to quit smoking with hypnosis. While this method may seem weird, bizarre and obscure, it is actually a rather easy process that is becoming increasingly popular. The entire procedure happens in only a few simple steps that are completed in a rather short timeframe.

  1. First and foremost the individual who wants to receive hypnosis to quit smoking must find a reputable hypnotherapist to work with them. There are a variety of ways to find a decent hypnotherapist in your area (see below).
  2. After finding a hypnotherapist capable of helping with the cessation of smoking, the real procedure will begin. Upon meeting with your chosen hypnotherapist he will go over the smoking addiction you have and what certain things pertain to your smoking that may help you to quit. For instance, if you watch television every single time you puff on a cigarette, the hypnotherapist will help you to find something else to replace the cigarette while you engage in television.
  3. The hypnotherapist will ask you to completely relax your body and mind. While this may seem difficult, a hypnotherapist knows the ins and outs of relaxation as may use a variety of methods. An example of one very popular technique for relaxing every aspect of the body, inside and out, is by the use of meditation.
  4. Once the entire body and mind have been completely relaxed and you have entered into the ‘hypnotic’ state, the transformation will begin. At this point the hypnotherapist will have you concentrate on your addiction. He may say certain things that pertain to smoking such as, ‘smoking is giving you bad teeth’ or ‘the smoking of cigarettes may cause severe damage to your lungs’. After these phrases have been spoken he will move on to removing certain addictions from your mind. Think back to the association with television and smoking a cigarette. The hypnotherapist may say things like ‘replace the cigarette with a carrot’, or something of that nature. This will help the mind release the association and overall help you in quit smoking.
  5. Once the hypnosis is over, the hypnotherapist will teach you certain self hypnosis techniques you can do on your own time when you feel a craving coming on.

Does hypnosis really work?

There are still a lot of speculations as to whether or not hypnosis can really defeat one’s addiction to cigarettes. However, a majority of individuals will state that hypnosis sincerely helped their fight against addiction. On the other hand, there are still those who are weary about this method of cessation. The only real way to find out whether or not hypnosis helps quitting smoking is to find out for yourself.

Where can I get hypnotized?

There are a lot of hypnotherapists based across the entire world. While some of these hypnotherapists will work inside of their own offices, a majority of them will work directly from the inside of their homes. Finding a hypnotherapist is fairly easy, especially with the use of the internet. Simply conduct a search within your preferred search engine for a hypnotherapist in your area. A number of results should pop up in regards to your search. Research the available local hypnotherapists and check out reviews from real customers. Then you may call them to see if they can help you to quit smoking by the use of hypnosis and when you can schedule a hypnosis session and be on your way to living a smoke free life.


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